Data Security

For any organization business is most important and the business models allow the employees (end users) create and circulate information at will – anywhere, anytime. Limitless high speed bandwidth, inexpensive mobiles and plug and play devices allow users to communicate and transact business with ease and comfort. Enterprise business data no longer only resides in corporate databases, but also on desktops, laptops, USB memory sticks, PDAs, and other portable devices. Business data is also crossing the enterprise boundaries and is exchanged with business partners, suppliers and whoever requires access to the data through various applications.

When utilized effectively, this torrent of data creates competitive advantage and leads to improvements in productivity and operational efficiency. At the same time, new security challenges and potential liabilities are encountered when providing on demand access to sensitive information, both from within and outside traditional network boundaries.

Organizations have spent a tremendous number of resources in hopes of protecting their information. However, the majority of their efforts have been focused on perimeter security to protect enterprise wide assets from external threats like DoS, DDoS attacks, Viruses, Worms and other intrusions leaving us with a major challenge- Data Leakage. According to leading analyst firms, the majority of all leaks are the result of unintentional/ intentional information loss from employees and partners.

Quoinx Technologies helps enterprises in defining their data protection strategy with wide range of solutions.

Data Classification

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Web Application Firewall

Database Activity Monitoring

Database Encryption

Other Solutions

Infrastructure Security

Identity and Access Management

Advanced Threat Protection

Cloud Security

Enterprise Networking